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People probably get tired of hearing us say it, but… there’s always something to be done on the farm, and it always a good time to start planning. We had a client come to us in late fall about planting some large River Birch to establish a break between his 11-acre dove field and 2 shallow water impoundments. Planting can be tricky in the winter and is entirely dependent on the weather and ground temperatures & conditions. We went ahead and planned out the logistics of the project, sourced the trees, and started playing the waiting game and keeping an eye on the 14-day forecast. 

The mild weather after Christmas was exactly what we were waiting on, so we got on the phone with nursery, had the trees delivered, and the HELM landscape team hit the ground running and planted thirty 16’+ River Birch in three days. Next up is creating a 1/2 acre hedgerow for upland bird habitat. You can’t always beat the winter weather, however, we always tell clients to take advantage of the down time, plan for the year ahead, and set aside a list of fully planned projects that you can immediately tackle when the opportunity presents itself. 


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