Soil Analysis and Fertility

The most efficient step to productive land is making sure soil fertility levels are within their target ranges. Liming and fertilizing at regular intervals is just as important as the seed you put in the ground. Without proper fertility levels yields will be low and competition from weeds will be strong. We’re big believers in spending resources where they make the most impact, and sometimes we’ll even recommend holding off on reseeding or planting until we’ve got a good handle on fields and can be sure what’s planted will succeed.

Before making any recommendations we literally start from the ground up with a careful soil analysis. Its hard to imagine starting any project without first knowing the facts, but we find this is often the most common oversight when landowners are working to improve their fields.

Whether your renovating grazing pastures, planting food plots, or just trying to rid a field of weeds, its important to start from square one. We can help with analysis, recommendations, and appropriate application of lime and fertilizer.