Comprehensive Planning

Effective management is the result of effective planning

Comprehensive planning involves understanding a property as a whole, and then breaking down and evaluating it’s many components. Each one of these components indirectly influences the others, and a well-run farm hinges on efficient operation and planning. Every farm has finite resources – land, water, budget, manpower, etc – so thorough planning is essential to getting the most out of what you have.

The Long View

At HELM we take the long view with land ownership. How will the projects and strategies we implement today affect the future operation of the property? Every project and strategy we put in place is evaluated by its full life cycle cost, benefit, and ongoing management commitments. For example, if we clear a new five acre paddock how will it add to future maintenance – both in terms of time and budget? Should a particular project’s value be judged by its added recreational value, financial value, or both?