Real Estate Consulting

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Our consulting work on real estate transactions is similar to comprehensive planning, but takes a broader approach. Often clients are not 100% certain of their end goals yet so we focus on potential red flags as much as opportunities, and plan for multiple scenario and outcomes.


Understanding the Property – In what ways does the property match the buyer’s criteria, and just as importantly, in what ways doesn’t it? Can the property be altered or improved to meet those objectives?

Operating Budget, Existing & Potential Revenue –  Begin to quantify annual operating costs, and evaluate existing and potential sources of income. For example, are lease agreements realizing their fair market value, and could infrastructure improvements be made that would result in additional income? In turn, what would investment costs and payback schedules be? 

Improvements & Restoration – Its rare that a new owner doesn’t want to change or improve a property in one form or another, whether out of necessity or simply because they want to make it their own. Understanding improvement costs, as well as follow up maintenance and management obligations, should factor heavily into purchase decisions.


In assisting sellers we evaluate property assets, potential sale deterrents, and work to identify high-impact ways clients can increase property value and improve marketability. In addition we establish a manageable maintenance plan and budget to keep the property showing at its best.