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Back in June Bundoran Farm was awarded the largest cost-share contract ever funded by the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District, and HELM was selected as the contractor. The goal of the project is cattle exclusion from perennial streams on the property, and as a result approximately 22,500 ft of woven wire fence has to be built.

The new fence will provide a 35 ft buffer from streams, which will protect water quality and enhance riparian habitat. Taking into account the loss of water sources for the cattle, Soil & Water also funded eight 4-ball automatic waters, 8,400 ft of water line, and a new well as part of the contract.

We have both our post drivers and two crews building fence simultaneously and by the end today (day 3), we should have the posts set for just over 5,000 feet of fence. Below are some pictures of the initial layout and construction.

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