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Opening day is just around the corner and we’re getting excited about our first shoot in our new field. Planning and preparation are the key to a successful field and we began working on ours back in January to make sure we had time for clearing, soil tests, fertilizing, liming, and planting. The flowers peaked back in mid-July and are now in the final stages as we get ready this afternoon to bush hog and prep the field for Saturday.

It may seem too early to start planning for next year but we always find it’s best to look ahead while you’re focused and enthusiastic about the upcoming season  (or maybe regretting what you didn’t have time to complete this year). Obviously the first step is to pick a good location, but after that make sure you take good soil samples and have them analyzed. The results will help guide the next steps.

We’ll be posting some photos of the field tomorrow and over the weekend so make sure to check back soon.

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