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Anyone who has owned livestock has, at some point, suffered through water trough maintenance. Dumping and cleaning them in the summer every 3-5 days – or equally miserable subzero temps – and dealing with cracks, freezing water, and hauling hoses & buckets. Since our start HELM has been a big proponent of automatic waterers, and in particular Lapp brand waterers, who we are a distributor for. The benefits of switching from a normal trough to an automatic waterer can make a big difference in the amount of time spent caring for horses and livestock, not to mention personal peace of mind. 

A two-hole waterer being installed – this waterer is positioned so it splits the fence line and services two paddocks

A few of the key benefits to installing an automatic watering system are…

  • Automatic waterers keep water cool during the summer and prevent freezing during the winter, ensuring a reliable water source.
  • They cut down on the amount of time and labor spent cleaning.
  • No more wasting gallons of water from having to dump and clean a trough every few days during the summer.
  • If you don’t have a spigot anywhere near your field, no more lugging a 500 foot hose to the trough.

Automatic waterers are reliable, effective, and easy to maintain – making them a great investment that saves on time, labor/money, and above all, sanity.

The final product – a two hole waterer installed


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