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I did know there is more than one type of grass. After all, I was raised on a farm.

What I didn’t know, is that I could spend half of my morning creating a book about native grass. Yes, a BOOK! Granted, I didn’t write the book. I only put together a compilation of what other people had to say about grass. Boy oh boy, do they have a lot to say about grass. There are grasses that are resistant to specific things, grasses that must grow in certain kinds of soil, hardy grasses, and fancy grasses. I could keep going…but, I won’t.

What it makes me realize, is that there are way more things I don’t know, than I do. I constantly have questions about types of equipment, or a style of landscaping, or what those lovely pointy things are on the tops of barns…. My ignorance abounds. Sometimes I think I might drown in it. Luckily, I can ask Carter, and he will answer me without pointing and laughing. Hilliard Estate & Land Management can answer a lot of questions, especially when you are an ignorant soul (like me).

  • What fescue should I use in this area?
  • What can I do to keep the deer out of my flower bed?
  • Can I put a pond in that field?
  • How do I stop run-off in my yard?
  • Should I hay and what do I do with it?
  • What are those pointy things on the top of my barn? Seriously.

I know I sound salesy, but what you will find with Carter and his team, is integrity and professionalism. If you are an ignorant soul, or a knowledgeable one, they will answer all of your questions and leave your property looking great. And, as an added bonus, they will not point or laugh.

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