A HELMsman Leaves Nothing to Chance.

A land management company based in Charlottesville, Virginia that assists with all aspects of land ownership. Whether its a one-time project or a multi-year management and consulting relationship our goal is always the same - design & implement projects and strategies that stand the test of time while adding financial & recreational value. Land is our passion.


The Latest News

Burning Brush & Burn Pits


So you’re planning a large scale clearing project, but are undecided about what to do with the resulting brush and landscape debris. Except in select cases, the most efficient and Read More…

Tips for Late Season Waterfowling


  The Freeze      Hunting ahead of imminent freeze usually provides an excellent flight window. If overnight temperatures plummet, skies clear, and windspeed dwindles, plan on heading to bigger Read More…

Automatic Waterers


Anyone who has owned livestock has, at some point, suffered through water trough maintenance. Dumping and cleaning them in the summer every 3-5 days – or equally miserable subzero temps – and Read More…